Monday, October 23, 2017

Beta Testers Wanted for New Device - Flux Antenna - to Prove these theories

Just released a new invention to prove the Greatest Force exists

Star Wars - The Last Jedi - skip the movie - Get the Force Instead.
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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Greatest Force - Best-Selling Book Ever (If you help)

Make The Greatest Force - the best selling book ever.  You'll only get one shot at this. May the Greatest Force be with you - Always~

George Lucas was right.  There is a Force in the universe that is created for all living things.  It comes out of the Source of The Big Bang and pervades every square inch of the universe.  

We know now that the universe is expanding in all directions and the further away we look in the Cosmos using our most sophisticated and accurate telescopes and inter-stellar sensors, we find that the universe is expanding faster and faster because the farther away we look, the faster other galaxies are receding away from us and from each other - millions of miles per second away from each other.

Even when Galaxies are forced to merge due to the effects of Gravity, such as the Andromeda Galaxy some 1 million light years away - and our own Milky Way Galaxy, which will merge together into one much larger galaxy about a million years from now - all of the space between us and the Andromeda Galaxy is expanding.  

This Force of expanding flux and fluidity is what I call the Greatest Force and it is all-pervasive, all-knowing and is the basis of our own Consciousness since it pervades all space everywhere including all of the space inside our skulls, even the space inside of our atoms and molecules.  

Whether you like it or not - your Consciousness is always expanding.  You cannot avoid it because the universe itself is expanding and we are all part of that universe.  The trick is to know how and why your consciousness is expanding the way it is and to anticipate your life's direction.

Help make this book, the best-selling book ever and our planet and civilization may be spared a fate worse than death.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Shootings, Puerto Rico Abandoned, Texas, Florida Hurricanes, No Gun Control, Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, Repealing Healthcare for Americans - what can YOU DO?

All the news in recent months and days is very bad for life forms on planet Earth.  Now, there's one simple thing you can do about it and it's easy.  Learn about The Greatest Force - And How To Use it.

What would the world be like if Albert Einstein was alive long enough to watch STAR WARS.  George Lucas version of 'The Force' is the start of the Einsteinian Thought Experiment that lead me to this Earth shattering discovery.  You need to know.

The world is about to explode and be shattered into millions of pieces unless the truly thinking people unite into one major Alliance of Consciousness.

The Day They Saw Gravity Waves - OR what are they?

The Greatest Force - And How To Use It - If you loved the movie Star Wars, I'm hoping part of the reason was the use of The Force.  Turns out - George Lucas was right.  There is a Force that is more powerful than any other force in the universe and it operates everywhere, including inside and surrounding your own life.  The new discovery comes out of the latest developments in Quantum Physics.  If Albert Einstein lived long enough to watch Star Wars, he would have been able to prove all the rest of his theories, that there is only one Force, that it creates all of the other forces in the universe and that it "surrounds us, penetrates us and controls the universe".  There is only one Force and now you don't even need to be a Jedi Knight to learn how to use it.  You're already using it, without knowing all of the techniques that your brain has developed over time.  

If you remember the Movie Star Wars - A New Hope, it is the Emperor of the Galactic Empire who dissolved the Republic and began destroying any planet who objected and were found to be part of the 'Rebel Alliance'.  The power of the Dark Side is extremely strong.  But, there is a power of the Greatest Force in the universe that can overcome evil at every turn.  

The only problem we face in this world is that the number of people who have surrendered and given up hope, become apathetic and cynical greatly overwhelms the number of people who know that there is hope, but only if we can begin to change the terrible trend towards hopelessness and push it over towards a global New Hope that there are enough caring and intelligent people who want to preserve our planet, and even make it better, for thousands of generations to come.  

And may the Greatest Force be with you Always ~

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Greatest Force and How To Use It - Available now on Amazon, Audible and Kindle - Reviews and RePosts Please

The Greatest Force in the universe and how to use it - Drops Today - Review and RePost Please

If Albert Einstein lived another twenty-five years or so, he would have been thrilled to see his concept of the universe displayed in the movie Star Wars.  Einstein's unified field theory would have been demonstrated right there in front of him to imagine and analyze in his unique ways.  He may even have devised the same 'Thought-Experiment' as the author's who shows us how The Greatest Force in the universe may work and the evidence may have satisfied the single greatest living Physicist of all time.  This book is your greatest opportunity to play Albert Einstein against Luke Skywalker.  

The Greatest Force in the Universe has been discovered.  Next, you need to learn how to use it in your every day life.  Not to worry - this book will show you the way.  It's not meant to be a secret and it's not meant to be the exclusive tool of Knights or CEO's or Bishops.  It's meant for anyone who has the need to know.

The Four Fundamental Interactions in the universe - The Strong Force, The Weak Force, the Electro-Magnetic Force and Gravity have long been thought to be tributaries of the same river.  In The Greatest Force, we explore the fact that this river has been discovered by research performed recently that is based on the 'Entanglements' of electrons.  They know about each other and therefore represent the first layer of Consciousness in the universe.  It is the flow of Consciousness from the Greatest Force, right up until the presentation of these words in your brain that make up the greatest way to connect the dots.  

The Greatest Force knows where every point in the universe lies and what role it must play in the overall scheme of things.  Some of these points in the universe intersect at your location in Space/Time, therefore your fate is locked in to the same trending events of the Past, Present and Future.  What you need to do now is merely learn how these basic Laws of Physics impact all the events of your life every day.  It's not Rocket Science, and is instead one of the simplest things in the universe that can be known.  

Einstein could not prove the "Grand Unification Theory" mathematically and was frustrated up until his death in 1952.  This is only because he was over-thinking it.  In this book, we prove Einstein's greatest theory that he knew in his gut to be the absolute truth about the universe and our role in it.  

Give this book a read only if you are a curious Science buff who likes to learn about the latest scientific discoveries but without all of the blustering bluff, bombast and balderdash that accompanies most scientific papers.  This information can be completely understood by anyone with a basic High School education.  The Greatest Force planned it that way.

Is this The Force that George Lucas describes in Star Wars?  Is there a Dark Side of The Force?  I leave that up to your interpretation.  Science Fiction today often uncovers the truth about our reality in very interesting and entertaining ways.  This book will seem like Science Fiction to some, but when you complete your study and suddenly everything in your life snaps into place and things begin to go the way you had always hoped, The Greatest Force may be with you - Always!

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."  Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Greatest Force in the universe arrives here on SEPT. 15. Tell your friends.

The Greatest Force Coming to this Blog on Sept 15th.  Bookmark this page.  You'll be glad you did.

Here's an Excerpt:

"All of the Four Fundamental Forces in the universe, which are Gravity, Electromagnetism, The Strong Force and the Weak Force are all simple manifestations of The Greatest Force, the progenitor of all things that are needed to happen in the universe.

It is in fact, the need for these common forces to happen in the universe wherever and whenever they happen that is the reason that The Greatest Force exists.  It is the Force-Need, that creates the four fundamental interactions that occur in our universe and that we witness on a daily basis and take for granted that proves the existence of The Great Force.  Out of this need comes the fulfillment that a Force such as Gravity, or The Strong Force, the two most obvious forces, can arise.

From the greatest need comes the greatest fulfillment.  From even the smallest need, the same great force is also applied but just in lesser quantities.  The lesser quantities of The Greatest Force exist inside of us at every moment, but because they are so small, we take them for granted most of the time.  When we realize the way that the smallest amounts of this force are joined with the largest amounts of The Greatest Force, it becomes our source of our highest magnitude of Consciousness.

This is the Unified Field Theory that Albert Einstein new had to exist in our universe but he was not able to prove it mathematically and he died without proving the most important part of his Theory of Relativity.  We have proven here that there really is only one Force in the universe that produces all the others that are known to us and that we utilize in our daily lives in copious quantities.  But, we have done so by not relying on the mathematical proof because there is no math that can prove infinity.  Instead we rely on pure logic and the evidence all around us."

The Book will be explaining the following Timeline of the Universe


Read the Book that lead the author to this amazing new SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY

MAXTRICITY - The Science of Entangled Electrons


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coming Soon - The Greatest Force - They mention it in Star Wars, but now it's been Discovered. New Book explains how to use it Jedis

The Greatest Force is now uncovered in this amazing new book by Michael Mathiesen


Up until now - modern Science has determined FOUR and ONLY FOUR fundamental Interactions in the Universe.

They are:
  1. The Strong Force
  2. The Weak Force
  3. Electro-Magnetic Force
  4. Gravity

When the universe was born, almost 14 Billion years ago, there was nothingness for hundreds of thousands of years because everything was too hot for anything to form.  The universe was only a soup of energy.

Then, slowly the massive explosion of The Big Bang cooled enough for electrons, protons, neutrons, the basic fundamental building blocks of atoms to form.

This created THE STRONG FORCE which allows the NUCLEI in atoms to stick together.

A few million years later and the universe was now cool enough for these fundamental particles to clump together to form ATOMS

This created THE WEAK FORCE which allows for Decay.

Then, all of this STICKING TOGETHER created GRAVITY because whenever two masses are close enough together they need GRAVITY to be where they can exist over time.

THEN, all of the greatest clumps of GRAVITY in the form of the SUNS AND STARS created the Electro-Magnetic Force - because the universe would require HEAT and LIGHT to give meaning to it all.

BUT, for all of these FORCES to co-exist in harmony and in the ORDER I just discussed, the universe presents us with a PROBLEM - Where do all of these FORCES COME FROM?

AND the answer is from FORCE NEED from the universe and ALL of its NEEDS being FULFILLED by The Greatest Force.



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Beta Testers Wanted for New Device - Flux Antenna - to Prove these theories

Just released a new invention to prove the Greatest Force exists Star Wars - The Last Jedi - skip the movie - Get the Force Instea...