Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Shootings, Puerto Rico Abandoned, Texas, Florida Hurricanes, No Gun Control, Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, Repealing Healthcare for Americans - what can YOU DO?

All the news in recent months and days is very bad for life forms on planet Earth.  Now, there's one simple thing you can do about it and it's easy.  Learn about The Greatest Force - And How To Use it.

What would the world be like if Albert Einstein was alive long enough to watch STAR WARS.  George Lucas version of 'The Force' is the start of the Einsteinian Thought Experiment that lead me to this Earth shattering discovery.  You need to know.

The world is about to explode and be shattered into millions of pieces unless the truly thinking people unite into one major Alliance of Consciousness.

The Day They Saw Gravity Waves - OR what are they?

The Greatest Force - And How To Use It - If you loved the movie Star Wars, I'm hoping part of the reason was the use of The Force.  Turns out - George Lucas was right.  There is a Force that is more powerful than any other force in the universe and it operates everywhere, including inside and surrounding your own life.  The new discovery comes out of the latest developments in Quantum Physics.  If Albert Einstein lived long enough to watch Star Wars, he would have been able to prove all the rest of his theories, that there is only one Force, that it creates all of the other forces in the universe and that it "surrounds us, penetrates us and controls the universe".  There is only one Force and now you don't even need to be a Jedi Knight to learn how to use it.  You're already using it, without knowing all of the techniques that your brain has developed over time.  

If you remember the Movie Star Wars - A New Hope, it is the Emperor of the Galactic Empire who dissolved the Republic and began destroying any planet who objected and were found to be part of the 'Rebel Alliance'.  The power of the Dark Side is extremely strong.  But, there is a power of the Greatest Force in the universe that can overcome evil at every turn.  

The only problem we face in this world is that the number of people who have surrendered and given up hope, become apathetic and cynical greatly overwhelms the number of people who know that there is hope, but only if we can begin to change the terrible trend towards hopelessness and push it over towards a global New Hope that there are enough caring and intelligent people who want to preserve our planet, and even make it better, for thousands of generations to come.  

And may the Greatest Force be with you Always ~

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