Monday, October 16, 2017

The Greatest Force - Best-Selling Book Ever (If you help)

Make The Greatest Force - the best selling book ever.  You'll only get one shot at this. May the Greatest Force be with you - Always~

George Lucas was right.  There is a Force in the universe that is created for all living things.  It comes out of the Source of The Big Bang and pervades every square inch of the universe.  

We know now that the universe is expanding in all directions and the further away we look in the Cosmos using our most sophisticated and accurate telescopes and inter-stellar sensors, we find that the universe is expanding faster and faster because the farther away we look, the faster other galaxies are receding away from us and from each other - millions of miles per second away from each other.

Even when Galaxies are forced to merge due to the effects of Gravity, such as the Andromeda Galaxy some 1 million light years away - and our own Milky Way Galaxy, which will merge together into one much larger galaxy about a million years from now - all of the space between us and the Andromeda Galaxy is expanding.  

This Force of expanding flux and fluidity is what I call the Greatest Force and it is all-pervasive, all-knowing and is the basis of our own Consciousness since it pervades all space everywhere including all of the space inside our skulls, even the space inside of our atoms and molecules.  

Whether you like it or not - your Consciousness is always expanding.  You cannot avoid it because the universe itself is expanding and we are all part of that universe.  The trick is to know how and why your consciousness is expanding the way it is and to anticipate your life's direction.

Help make this book, the best-selling book ever and our planet and civilization may be spared a fate worse than death.

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